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International Micro Industries, headquartered in New Jersey for over 45 years, is the single-source solution for high quality wafer bumping and WLP services – from initial R&D to finished product. IMI caters to a wide range of IC package needs, including electroplated bumps (ECD), 2.5D/3D, CSPs, Copper (Cu) and solder pillar bumps, hi-reliability specifications, fine pitch, void-free and exotic material needs for demanding DOD, medical and aerospace applications. We offer completely scalable production from single unit to high volume. Most importantly, IMI protects your intellectual property securely while getting you to market faster with end-to-end development and production – all in-house.

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Bumping/WLP Capabilities

Enabling customers to deliver packaging solutions not attainable with lesser technologies.

Electroplated Metals

Cu Pillar Bump, As Plated Advantage


Bump Geometries

Advanced High Lead Solder Bump Replacement

Bump/Package Consulting Services

Wafer Sizes and Materials

Custom Bumped Test Chips and Test Wafers

Design Rules


IMI provides scalable wafer bumping and wafer level processing services from prototyping of new designs through high-volume sustained production and turn-key technology licensing agreements for the Medical Implantable, Medical Disposable, Automotive, DOD, Aerospace, Advanced Sensor, Communication and RFID industries.

High Functioning RFID

Electroplated bump structures, alloys and process control enabling high functioning RFID devices to achieve high levels of performance while surpassing the rigors of radiation hardening and temperature cycling often required in medical, aerospace and other challenging life sciences operational and pre-operational environments.


IMI provides multiple metal deposition technologies that make high yield manufacturing of sophisticated optoelectronic devices and sub-systems possible – even those that require low-temperature chip attachment methods.


High yield, tight pitch wafer bump processing of advanced semiconductor chips that can later be thinned (without bump damage) to meet form factor requirements for medical implantable sensors, implantable pressure monitors and intravenous/inter-organ cameras being aggressively employed by the next generation of therapeutic and life-altering medical technologies.


Wafer bumping applications for use in advanced automotive control and telemetry devices that must survive harsh under hood and drive train environments. IMI pioneered technologies for the use of electroplated copper/tin-lead solder bumps in flip-chip engine control modules for Ford Motor Company.

Ultra High Speed Communications

Direct chip attachment technology utilizing precise electroplated bumps is being used to satisfy the need for smaller form factors and multi-chip module manufacturing.  Bumped chip, direct attach packages are enabling the ultra-high operating speed and frequency bursting capability needed for aerospace and defense related guidance, encryption and communication platforms.

Advanced Packaging

Higher performance and smaller form factors for cutting edge products are driving silicon integration to new levels of miniaturization and reliability.  IMI’s wafer bumping and WLP technology is allowing our clients to maintain technological leadership by enabling the use of flip chip direct chip attach (DCA), system-in-package (SiP) solutions, 2.5D and 3D packaging as well as fan-out wafer-level packages (FOWLPs) and interposers.

Always-On Internet of Things

Billions of intelligent, connected devices are at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT). Reliability is expected, as in many cases these devices are always-on and delivering critical application and telemetry data, often in harsh operating environments like industrial, mining, aerospace and agriculture. Electroplated bump structures enable these devices to deliver ultra-reliable, long-term performance in diverse operating environments.


Providing advanced, fine line, high density copper plating allowing for the high volume, lower cost manufacture of precision antennas on chip surfaces, reducing manufacturing steps and improving form factors having cross application effectiveness for wireless, RFID and IoT applications.


Gold bumping technology and experience used in direct chip attach employed in the manufacture of high-definition flat panel, curved and flexible displays for advanced avionics, automobile, defense and national security efforts.

IC Cards

IMI’s bump technology enables IC card design and manufacturers to utilize advanced direct chip attach and multi-chip on flex packaging technologies to support high performance and high security IC and Crypto-Card technologies.

MEMS Manufacturing

Precision electro-deposition technology and equipment makes fabrication possible from prototyping through product realization.  Mass production of MEMS devices in multiple wafer and substrate formats are utilized to drive production costs down while sustaining profitability for our customers.

Phased Array Radar

Advancing the hardware state of the art for phased array radar capabilities by employing fine pitch, solder topped, copper pillar bump technology that significantly increases packaging density and overall signal performance for GaAs and GaN chips, while enabling package design capable of exceeding MIL standard specifications for reliability.

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